Felicia Joyce Designs, LLC


More than just graphics

With a BA in Graphic Design, from Huntington University, I am the Creative Designer behind FELICIA JOYCE DESIGNS. Art and Design are who I am.  Everywhere I look, I see beauty, creativity, and designs.

FJDESIGN was created for the sole purpose to live out creativity. My challenge is to have a life of art, not just to be about art. A challenge that allows me to show creativity in all of life.

FJDESIGN holds a unique quality. I am constantly challenging myself to not conform and be willing to break the rules for the sake of creativity itself. With vast skills and a welcomed attitude to new challenges, I have a freedom to where there is no limit. I am not afraid to learn, to fail and I always believe that nothing is impossible with hard work and determination.

My hope in this adventure is that, through FJDESIGN, I can show authenticity, inspire others and always communicate a joy in life.

- felicia